Town of Blue Ridge
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Nestled in the Foot Hills of the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains



Town Of Blue Ridge





The Depot

The railroad depot remains the central focus in downtown Blue Ridge. Although the first depot burned, the present station was built in 1906. One of the favorite activities of the day was to meet the train - whether meeting a passenger or just socializing with friends.



Blue Ridge was once considered an elite health resort because of its pure mineral waters. Tourists would ride the train to town, eat dinner at the Blue Ridge Hotel, and take a leisurely walk to the mineral springs after dinner. Today, tourists can still ride the train and take a leisurely walk along Main Street, enjoying the antique and specialty shops, galleries, restaurants and small town atmosphere of Blue Ridge.


Blue Ridge was founded in 1886 as a result of the arrival of the Marietta and North Georgia Railroad. Because of the railroad, Blue Ridge developed as a center of business and in 1895 the county seat was moved from Morganton to Blue Ridge. In the early years, at different times, there were five hotels and several boarding houses in downtown Blue Ridge.